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Links for the surveys below can be found in the Quick Links section of the website and will be shared with you via email. The surveys are the HCEA Demographics survey, the Customized Fall Survey, and the Administrator’s Survey. You can send these links to students at your university through email, social media, on flyers, posters, through professor’s classes, or other student organizations. These surveys will need to be completed by November 1st (except the HCEA Demographics Survey, which is due Oct. 1st), and we recommend starting as early as possible to complete everything throughout the fall semester.

We will be automatically sending out the same surveys to everyone who takes the survey in the fall. You do not have to do anything during the spring for this data collection process. You will receive information from both fall and spring survey responses in a report after the spring data collection time period is complete, and you have the option of receiving the de-identified data set at that time.


HCEA Demographics Survey – Due Oct. 1st

This survey documents your school’s general demographic information and should be completed as soon as you can. This is not a link you will send to many different students. It should be completed by any one person from your organization. The information you will need to complete the eB4CAST survey information can be found on your own school website as well as on several local and state websites, many of which are linked to from within the survey. We will use this information to create a personalized infographic that we will send to you to share with other students, administrators, and other community stakeholders.

This survey can be accessed via the HCEA Coursesites page managed by the team
at Syracuse University (


Customized Fall Survey – Due Nov. 1st

Below are descriptions of the surveys that are included in your school’s customized fall survey. All surveys are included in this link including any additional surveys you elected to add. This survey needs to be sent out to as many students as possible. A minimum of 50 responses should be received for each survey but the more responses and the greater diversity of responses, the better your results will be!


The College Environment Perceptions Survey (CEPS) measures the campus environment subjectively, or from the students’ points of view. It is important to know how students are feeling about health matters on your campus.


The Student Priorities Survey measures campus opinions toward certain health-related policies that could be implemented on the college campus.


Similar to individuals, no two campuses are the same. On one campus, attempts to implement an intervention might be met with resistance, whereas on another campus they might be enthusiastically embraced. This happens because they are at different levels of readiness to change. Attitudes, resources, and leadership all impact the ability to affect change. Being able to assess a campus’ readiness for change is vital to the successful adoption of any health or wellness initiative. The Readiness to Change Survey is a tool that can be used to gauge your campus’ readiness to change in an easy to use and cost-effective manner.


The wellness survey asks the students about their current sleep and food habits, physical activity levels, and stress management techniques. Students that take the survey in early fall will be automatically sent a survey link to take it again in the late spring.


Administrator’s Survey – Due Nov. 1 st

This survey includes the Priorities Survey and the Readiness to Change Survey. This
is the only survey that is important to send out to a targeted group. You are
encouraged to send it to not only campus administrators at your school, but also
to student organization leaders. It is really important to specifically measure their
attitudes towards existing issues and their commitment to change.


Click here for survey links.

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