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What is Fruved?! We’re glad you asked! We are a USDA grant-funded project at 4 universities across the country  (University of Tennessee, University of Florida, West Virginia University, South Dakota State University). Our study’s goal is help students manage their weight and live healthier by focusing on three specific areas:

  1. Improving dietary intake
  2. Increasing physical activity
  3. Improving overall stress management skills

We use a Community-Based Participatory Research approach, which in research terms, means this is a heavily student-led project. Our student researchers work along side our lead researchers and have a strong impact on what activities we do and what messages we send out on social media. For example, like our logo? Us too! It was developed by an undergraduate student from South Dakota and a graduate student from Tennessee. This project would not be what it is without our students!


Fruits and Veggies

You might see us around your campus in our fruit and veggie suits – we’re glad you noticed us! We’re about much more though. In addition to our peer mentoring, we’re collaborating with other health related groups on campus to make your experience at college the healthiest it can be. In addition to our peer mentoring, here’s some things you can expect from us this year…

  •  A few BIG events (stay tuned!) that you won’t want to miss
  • Giveaways – FREE STUFF!
  • Personalized report cards comparing your physical activity, dietary patterns, and stress management to your whole campus
  • Helpful tips on every aspect of health – Find us on social media!


We believe our students are the best teachers. That is why Fruved has sophomores and juniors at each school peer mentoring first year students, helping them live a healthier life during their first year of college. Ultimately, down the road, high school students would work with middle school students, and then the middle school students would work with students in elementary schools. Creating a sort of “chain reaction” or what we like to call… a FRUVEMENT!


So, how can you get involved and be a part of this nation-wide change this fall? Take a short survey and let us know if you’d be interested in being matched with an upperclassman peer mentor. We wish you a happy, healthy school year, thanks for reading!

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